Conservative People's Party
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Conservative People's Party Values:

"We stand here both proud of what our country has done, and in awe of what it has the capability to accomplish. We are both humble servants and proud stewards of a way of life that we would see preserved for future citizens. We are the Conservative People's Party of the eUnited States of America.

We seek to provide for the welfare of the American people through the restoration of the primary principles that have, in the past, made the eUS great. Activity, Equality, and Innovation. Activity in encouraging more people to get involved in government. Equality in making sure that even the newest citizen feels that their voice is being heard. Innovation in approaching the problems that face our nation both foreign and domestic.

The CvPP remembers our friends of the past, and new ones made along the way. We also remember those who would have seen our great nation torn asunder and our people reduced to servitude. For America to reach it's pinnacle, we must both remember the past, and be hopeful of the future. We value the efforts and resources of the people, and believe that our nation should not enter into any war without provocation unless it is a wise and effective use of our nation's resources.

The economic stability of our nation depends on both our ability to attract citizens, and our ability to keep them. We believe that is the government's role to take an active interest in the well being of its citizens, and to ensure that each and everyone has access to informational materials as well as the various programs in place designed to help new citizens get off to a prosperous start.

We realize that there are many challenges facing our nation at every level. We also believe that through the preservation of tried and true beliefs we can not only survive but achieve new heights as a nation and world leader."

*Written by Sovereign Dixie